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Alamaze is a game that consists of 15 different players each taking on the role of King or Queen of their Kingdom.

Each player has a separate starting position and Different starting strengths and weaknesses. For example some have a high military capability where as others have a high magical powers. No one position has an advantage over another at the start of the game you must decide on how to use your strengths against your opponents.

The major difference with this game to other similar games is apart from if you control half of the world you win, Each Kingdom has a set of goals to achieve. By achieving these goals which are different and secret to each kingdom you can win the game without any other player realising what you are doing. For instance one player may think that they are on the verge of victory because they own 45% of the world when you come along and snatch victory from below them by way of meeting your goals.

Turns are processed every two weeks and their are also options for team games.

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